Akutars Announces Aku Cribs

Akutars Announces Aku Cribs
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Akutars, the PFP project from artist Micah Johnson, announced Aku Cribs in a Twitter thread this afternoon

Built with Unreal Engine 5, the same software used by Epic Games, Aku Cribs is a collection of indoor and outdoor homes for the Akutar digital identities. 

Each Aku Crib will allow holders to do the following: 

• Swap homes among all owned Akutars
• Combine and play as a fully rigged 3D identity 
• Display art on the Aku Crib walls
• Watch Aku Chapters and videos on a movie screen 
• Arrange and size the Aku Crib environment 
• Draft and save Aku Crib arrangements 

Teaser images and a video were provided of the aforementioned features. 

Wen Cribs? 

The Akutar team has been busy building Cribs over the last few months and is opening a private early alpha for 50 users from the Akutar community starting today. 

The private alpha group will be in charge of intense bug hunting prior to making the release available to a larger alpha group later this year. 

Official details on gaining access to the early alpha groups was not provided in the team's original announcement. 


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