ALTS by adidas Surprises Holders With Airdrop

ALTS by adidas Surprises Holders With Airdrop
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ALTS by adidas airdropped Rift Valley Motel Coin NFTs to all ALT holders, essential for unlocking its upcoming Chapter 2.

The Deets

  • Each ALT holder received 3 Rift Valley Motel Coin NFTs.
  • The coins are integral for Chapter 2, granting access to further customization of ALTS avatars.
  • These coins can be traded on secondary markets but will lose utility after Chapter 2.
  • A maximum of 10 coins can be used by an ALT in Chapter 2.

The Bulk

ALTS by adidas has airdropped Rift Valley Motel Coin NFTs to all its ALT holders. Each ALT holder received three of these coins, which are set to play a pivotal role in the project's upcoming Chapter 2.

The Rift Valley Motel Coin NFTs grant access to the next stage of ALTS avatar customization. As Chapter 2 unfolds, these coins will become the "ticket" or "currency" for participation. It's crucial to note that the utility of these coins will expire once Chapter 2 concludes, leaving them with no use beyond this chapter.

These coins can also be traded on secondary marketplaces, introducing a layer of strategy for the holders. However, there's a catch: an ALT can use no more than 10 coins during Chapter 2. This limitation encourages ALT holders to strategize their coin usage for maximum impact in the upcoming chapter.

❗Why It Matters

The introduction of the utility-based Rift Valley Motel Coin NFTs adds an element of strategy, further engaging the community.

📊 By the Numbers

ALTS by adidas is trading around 0.0266 ETH ($47.00) on the opening morning of trading.

🔜 What's Next?

While the full details of Chapter 2 are yet to be unveiled, ALTS holders are advised to stay tuned for more updates and prepare themselves for the next stage of their journey.

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