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Fully on-chain, generative NFT. No website. No IPFS. No API. No royalties. Just code.

10,000 Anonymice have been minted. 6,450 have been burned, only 3550 remain.

In February 2022, Anonymice announced CHEETH V2, a migration with claim function upgrades and gas optimizations. 

News Feed

Anonymice is giving private node access to its holders in July, according to a Discord announcement. 

The project says the node will help users get their transactions picked up faster than MetaMask’s default RPC.

The node is currently in beta testing.

Anonymice Holders Will Gain Access to Node

The first Anonymice Baby has evolved according to a tweet by the team.

The evolution process started in recent weeks whereby holders could mint DNA chips with the Anonymice native token, $CHEETH. 

Anonymice Babies, though not all evolved, hold a floor price of 0.167 ETH at the time of writing. 

First Anonymice Baby Evolved

Anonymice DNA Chip holders can now find their NFTs under "Anonymice Evolutions" on OpenSea after the platform updated its page.

Evolution Pods, which can be created by combining one DNA chip with three pod fragments, will also be visible on this page.

As a reminder, one evolution pod can be combined with one baby mouse to create an evolved baby mouse NFT.

View the new Anonymice Evolutions OpenSea page here.

OpenSea Updates Anonymice DNA Chips Page

Users can now pre-approve their $CHEETH for spending ahead of the eventual Anonymice Evolutions mint which will start at 4:00 p.m. ET later today. 

$CHEETH, the project's native token, will be the required currency for the minting of Evolution NFTs. Though the minting is in $CHEETH, users will require a small ETH balance to cover the gas fee during transaction. 

If you wish to pre-approve your $CHEETH for spending with the Anonymice smart contract, you can do so at

Prepare for Anonymice Evolutions Mint

The claim for CHEETH V3 is open, according to an announcement in the Anonymice Discord. A snapshot was taken of V2 holders. 

Genesis Anonymice can claim 4,500 CHEETH and Anonymice Babies get 1,125 of the currency, which will be required for Evolutions (launching May 21). Mice must be unstaked before initiating the claim.

CHEETH V3 Claim Live Now


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