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Anonymice Launches Soulbound Collector Cards and Badges on 1-Year Anniversary
Jason Bales

On the project's one-year anniversary, Anonymice is set to launch its soulbound NFT collector cards and badges.

Collector cards will be mintable with Cheeth, the ecosystem's native utility token, and badges will be unlocked "in various ways" and applied to those collector cards. The badges include mice memes and fun artwork.

This is a new way for Anonymice to reward collectors and collaborators.

There are three different collector card sizes, and each can be customized with a name and badges. 

Soulbound tokens cannot be bought, sold, or traded. They will remain in the wallet they are minted to permanently. This is a popular new NFT technology that has been utilized by NFT projects like Pudgy Penguins and crypto giants like Binance

This announcement comes on Anonymice's one-year anniversary. Since Sep. 16, 2021, the team has accomplished many achievements, including:

  • One of the first pfp (profile picture) projects to be generated and stored 100 percent on-chain
  • First tokenized mint with burn to reroll mechanics
  • Over 20,000 ETH in total volume traded
  • Sixth 10k pfp collection to hit a 10 ETH floor
  • First on-chain breeding event with hereditary traits and dynamic incubators
  • First on-chain evolutions event with a new generative NFT collection, on-chain salvage events and assemby
  • First on-chain soulbound token with unlockable badges for marking events and collector milestones
Anonymice Launches Soulbound Collector Cards and Badges on 1-Year Anniversary
Anonymice Announces Dedicated Ethereum Nodes for Genesis Mice Holders
Staff Writer

Micey Node, a dedicated network of Ethereum nodes for all Genesis mice holders, is officially here, the Anonymice team announced via Twitter.

But why do holders need a dedicated network of Ethereum nodes?

"All dApps (decentralized applications) need a way to communicate with blockchains," the Anonymice team explains. "Without a means of communication, dApps won’t be able to access information and make transactions on the blockchain on which they operate."

MetaMask and other web3 crypto wallets have default server providers like Infura that allow users to interact with web3 applications. But sometimes those servers get clogged and slow down.

Now, all Anonymice Genesis holders can utilize their own dedicated network.

"Using a private server has many potential benefits including greater speeds, more reliable service and less competition when submitting transactions during periods of high transaction volumes like an exclusive NFT drop," the team wrote via its announcement. "Your transactions will be broadcasted to miners faster than through public servers (eg. default MetaMask settings), which means they can be included in an earlier block."

Instructions on how to set up Micey Node is available here.

*WARNING: Micey Node has been frequently tested but is still in beta mode.

Anonymice Announces Dedicated Ethereum Nodes for Genesis Mice Holders
First Anonymice Baby Evolved
Logan Hitchcock

The first Anonymice Baby has evolved according to a tweet by the team.

The evolution process started in recent weeks whereby holders could mint DNA chips with the Anonymice native token, $CHEETH. 

Anonymice Babies, though not all evolved, hold a floor price of 0.167 ETH at the time of writing. 

First Anonymice Baby Evolved
CHEETH V3 Claim Live Now
Staff Writer

The claim for CHEETH V3 is open, according to an announcement in the Anonymice Discord. A snapshot was taken of V2 holders. 

Genesis Anonymice can claim 4,500 CHEETH and Anonymice Babies get 1,125 of the currency, which will be required for Evolutions (launching May 21). Mice must be unstaked before initiating the claim.

CHEETH V3 Claim Live Now
What's New With Anonymice?
Staff Writer

Anonymice is a fully on-chain, generative NFT that was launched in September of 2021. Initially 2,000 Anonymice NFTs were free to mint to the public. To mint the additional 8,000 Anonymice, holders were required to stake their minted Mice NFTs to earn $CHEETH, the Anonymice utility token, at a rate of 1 $CHEETH per day. 

With the $CHEETH earned, holders could then mint additional Anonymice. Holders also had the ability to burn their Mice to essentially “re-roll” for rarer traits. However, every Anonymice NFT that was burned in this process was gone for good, leading to a final circulating supply of only 3,550 Anonymice.


Not long after all 10,000 Anonymice were minted or burned, the team implemented a fully on-chain breeding mechanism to produce Baby Mice. In order to breed, a holder must have had two Anonymice in their wallet. These mice were then time-locked in a breeding contract and the holder paid 50 $CHEETH to initiate the breeding mechanism. Additional $CHEETH could be spent to unlock the “Parents” from the Breeding contract and speed up the breeding process, revealing the Baby Mice sooner. 

An easy to read fact sheet covering the Anonymice project so far can be found below, created by Twitter User and Anonymice Holder @WhyteHot


Recent Announcements from the Anonymice Team (via Discord):

1. Expansion of the Leadership Team.


The team did not anticipate the level of growth of the project at launch and a lack of key management has resulted in growing pains. To better serve the community, more ongoing management and leadership is needed. Additional details will be released over the course of the next few weeks, with more formal leadership roles going to key community members who have been helping since day one. 

Additionally, the team is making other changes to community structure including:  

Council: The recently announced Council is in its final stages and will be presented shortly. Its sole purpose is to serve the best interests of the Anonymice community and to guide the transition into a DAO. 

Moderation: The Anonymice has already brought on a few additional moderators, particularly those who have been very active in the community. The team is still looking to fill the Super Mouse Mod role, whose will ensure fairness and consistency in moderation decisions.

Community Announcements: A discord channel is being created specifically for Baby Mice and Anonymice NFT holders. 

Anonymice DAO (MouseDAO): The Anonymice team is working on a vision that expands way beyond the status quo, including the formation of a DAO - MouseDAO (more below).

2. 5 Percent Royalties Added To Collections 

Because of the challenges to grow without royalties, the team has decided to add a five percent royalty to each of the Anonymice ecosystem collections. All funds will be put into MiceDAO which will fund the growth of the Anonymice ecosystem. An outline is found below:

  • - 5% royalties on both Anonymice and BabyMice collections
  • - All royalties go into a multi-sig wallet
  • - All royalties are used to fund the development and growth of Anonymice


MiceSpace Updates 1/07 


The needs of the community, project scope, and scale outpaced what the Anonymice team initially planned. In order to assist with funding to support the project’s future, a 5% royalty has been added to both Anonymice and Baby Mice on the secondary market. This additional funding will not just support technical aspects of Anonymice, but the team is in the process of hiring full-time employees, mainly a community lead/manager and a “Chief Operating Officer” to assist in executing the vision of the Anonymice Team.


How will $CHEETH v2 work?

  • Increased Emissions - Staked Genesis Mice will produce 100 $CHEETH v2 per day
  • Time Based Reward - The longer mice have been staked, the more $CHEETH they earn
  • Multi-Mice Amplifier - The more mice a holder stakes, the more $CHEETH they earn
  • Credit System - To save on gas fees associated with claiming $CHEETH, $CHEETH v2 can be used without claiming so long as holders have earned the rewards. Holders can still claim the $CHEETH v2 ERC20 directly to their wallet, but will no longer have to if they are going to use it themselves in [redacted] and other future phases of Anonymice
  • Increased Cap Limit - Each wallet can now stake more than 10 mice
  • OG $CHEETH Exchange - OG $CHEETH will be exchangeable at the same rate 1:100 rate upon $CHEETH v2 implementation

[REDACTED] - Phase 3 of Anonymice

While the details behind the next phase of Anonymice have not been provided in full, the team has provided many insights as to what holders can look forward to. One of the project’s creators, MouseDev, had previously stated that one reason the team has not shared too much information or a fully solidified roadmap is because the vision Anonymice are building against is fluid, and they do not want to promise something and be forced to retract their promises in the future as they continue to innovate and develop the future phases of the project. 

Some things we have learned about the next phase of Anonymice:

  • Users can expect an on-chain experience that is fun to interact with
  • While Breeding (Phase 2) had a starting and ending point, the next phase is planned to be a foundational infrastructure to continuously build and expand on over time
  • Users can expect a variety of mechanics, including (but not necessarily limited to) minting, assembling/combining, and building aspects
  • Lastly, the team wanted to insure that for Phase 3 they will be creating something that as users are interacting with it, they are impressed by the fact that everything they are doing is handled strictly by smart contracts with a major emphasis on the interactivity and gameplay aspects

What's New With Anonymice?