Anonymice Announces Dedicated Ethereum Nodes for Genesis Mice Holders

Anonymice Announces Dedicated Ethereum Nodes for Genesis Mice Holders
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Micey Node, a dedicated network of Ethereum nodes for all Genesis mice holders, is officially here, the Anonymice team announced via Twitter.

But why do holders need a dedicated network of Ethereum nodes?

"All dApps (decentralized applications) need a way to communicate with blockchains," the Anonymice team explains. "Without a means of communication, dApps won’t be able to access information and make transactions on the blockchain on which they operate."

MetaMask and other web3 crypto wallets have default server providers like Infura that allow users to interact with web3 applications. But sometimes those servers get clogged and slow down.

Now, all Anonymice Genesis holders can utilize their own dedicated network.

"Using a private server has many potential benefits including greater speeds, more reliable service and less competition when submitting transactions during periods of high transaction volumes like an exclusive NFT drop," the team wrote via its announcement. "Your transactions will be broadcasted to miners faster than through public servers (eg. default MetaMask settings), which means they can be included in an earlier block."

Instructions on how to set up Micey Node is available here.

*WARNING: Micey Node has been frequently tested but is still in beta mode.

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