Apostles: Genesis NFTs

Apostles: Genesis NFT Overview

Project Information

Apostles are a collection of up to 7,642 3D avatars designed for BYOPills' own metaverse, the BYOVerse.

Each Apostle will collect $TRYP, which powers the BYOVerse economy, for holders.

There are four types of Apostles: Voyagers, Psychonauts, Ancients, and Goddesses.

Voyagers are Boris's most loyal apostles. They're considered the most disciplined, dependable, and efficient of all the apostles. They are also the most common.

Psychonauts, or "The Crazy Ones," are consistently on extreme trips. They're considered unpredictable, dangerous, and fun. In terms of rarity, they're rarer than the Voyagers, but less rare than the Ancients and Goddesses.

Ancients, or "The Thicc Ones," are the first apostles to ever roam the BYOVerse. They have the power and size to move mountains, and despite their calm demeanor, they're very dangerous. These are the eldest and wisest of all the apostles. They're the second rarest.

Goddesses, or "The Majestic Ones," are an unknown. There is currently no information available about their traits or personalities. They're the rarest of all the apostles. 

In order to enter the BYOP Research Facility and mint an Apostle, holders had to hold at least one BYOPill and one BYOKey. Your BYOPills' specific trip effects influence the minted Apostle.

The minting period is open until all BYOKeys have been used.