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BYOPills Announces Partnership With Metakey
Logan Hitchcock

Select Apostles avatars will be usable in the Metakey metaverse, Ganymede, according to an announcement from BYOPills on Tuesday

The gameplay updates are the first of a series of playable unlocks as part of a new partnership between BYOPills and Metakey. BYOCrafts are expected to be integrated shortly. 

New Ganymede has not yet been officially released by Metakey, but the project has teased trailers of gameplay in recent weeks

The Metakey partnership is just the latest metaverse news for Apostles holders in recent months. In early October, BYOPills launched Pixel Apostles, a downloadable, pixelated version of Apostles for gameplay in metaverses like Worldwide Webb Land and more. 

BYOPills Apostles are up more than 45 percent in the last week to 0.12 ETH. 


BYOPills Announces Partnership With Metakey
Apostles Holders, Get Your Pixel NFTs
Staff Writer

BYOPills Apostles holders can download their unique Pixel Apostles for use in pixel-based metaverses like Worldwide Web3, the project announced Monday on Twitter.

To use the Pixel Apostle, which can be downloaded from BYOPills, users need to hold both an Apostle and a Worldwide Webb land NFT. The floor for the land NFT, which comes in small to large apartments and penthouses is 0.3985 ETH.

"Creating Pixel Apostles was an important step for us in pushing for an interoperable web3 and providing Apostle holders with non-dilutive value," the project tweeted. "Our Webb integration is the first of much more to come!"

Apostles Holders, Get Your Pixel NFTs