BYOPills NFT Overview

Project Information

Blue Yellow Orange Pills (BYOPills) is a collection of 10,000 unique, procedurally-generated, 3D pills. Carefully crafted and stored on the Ethereum blockchain, each pill is intended to act as a multi-metaverse consumable.

Bridging the gap between independent metaverses, BYOPills are able to provide power-ups and unique effects to all avatars, regardless of the metaverse or blockchain games in which they exist, brave enough to go for a trip.

There are 17 total trip effects: altered time perception, encountering dead spirits, encountering mystical beings, extrasensory perception, harmony, heightened senses, joy, life review, negative thoughts, nightmares, paranoia, peace, pleasantness, precognitive visions, separation from body, speeded thoughts, and understanding everything. 

BYOPills also serve as a key to unlock rewards and experiences in the BYOVerse, a 3D virtual world where BYOPills and Apostles can be utilized.

Each BYOPill can be combined with a BYOKey to mint an Apostle. Apostles are BYOVerse avatars that generate $TRYP tokens, which power the entire BYOVerse economy, for holders. Each specific BYOPill and its effects will have an impact on the type of Apostle minted.

BYOPills is currently partnered with Decentraland, Chibi Warriors, Galaxy Fight Club, Wonderquest, and Lostboy. 

The team consists of George the Sous Cook (digital alchemist and Boris's guinea pig), jETHeca (the finest 3D chemist this side of the metaverse), P. Ether (ingredient harvester and rare jpeg connoisseur), Dr Ether Jay (code wizard and master of contracts), and Boris the Cook (lost in the metaverse).

In December, BYOLand was released. BYOLand is a collection of 10,056 land parcels containing resources to be harvested by the Apostles. Resources can be used to craft items and consumables. Land parcels are customizable and can be built on, which earns players $TRYP, the project's utility token. All holders will be able to select their land location from the BYOVerse map.

On Mar. 10, BYOCraft claiming started. BYOPill and BYOVape holders claimed their metaverse-ready flying machines.