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BYOPills Announces Partnership With Metakey
Logan Hitchcock

Select Apostles avatars will be usable in the Metakey metaverse, Ganymede, according to an announcement from BYOPills on Tuesday

The gameplay updates are the first of a series of playable unlocks as part of a new partnership between BYOPills and Metakey. BYOCrafts are expected to be integrated shortly. 

New Ganymede has not yet been officially released by Metakey, but the project has teased trailers of gameplay in recent weeks

The Metakey partnership is just the latest metaverse news for Apostles holders in recent months. In early October, BYOPills launched Pixel Apostles, a downloadable, pixelated version of Apostles for gameplay in metaverses like Worldwide Webb Land and more. 

BYOPills Apostles are up more than 45 percent in the last week to 0.12 ETH. 


BYOPills Announces Partnership With Metakey
Jenkins the Valet Announces Podcast NFT Partner Communities
Staff Writer

Jenkins the Valet announced the 12 NFT communities that have signed on as partners for the project's eight-episode fiction podcast on Wednesday.

Partner community agreements allow Tally Labs to 'set an episode in their world and use their name, logos, and key lore elements', according to the thread.

Holders from the partner communities will be able to fill out a backstory for their NFT, with characters featured in the upcoming podcast stories. One partner, voted on by Jenkins Writer's Room NFT holders, will also have an episode set within that project's community.

In addition to the 12 partners, many other NFT communities are also eligible to create characters:

Users can visit the Jenkins Podcast website to learn more and submit their NFT from the collections above for inclusion in the podcast.




Jenkins the Valet Announces Podcast NFT Partner Communities
Apostles Holders, Get Your Pixel NFTs
Staff Writer

BYOPills Apostles holders can download their unique Pixel Apostles for use in pixel-based metaverses like Worldwide Web3, the project announced Monday on Twitter.

To use the Pixel Apostle, which can be downloaded from BYOPills, users need to hold both an Apostle and a Worldwide Webb land NFT. The floor for the land NFT, which comes in small to large apartments and penthouses is 0.3985 ETH.

"Creating Pixel Apostles was an important step for us in pushing for an interoperable web3 and providing Apostle holders with non-dilutive value," the project tweeted. "Our Webb integration is the first of much more to come!"

Apostles Holders, Get Your Pixel NFTs
BYOLand Selection Is Live
Logan Hitchcock

BYOLand selection went live at 10:00 a.m. ET for BYOLand NFT holders. The land selection portal will remain open indefinitely, though land parcels are selected on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are approximately 30,000 land parcels available for claiming according to a tweet from the project

Users hoping to select a land parcel can do so in the following manner:

1. Connect your web3 wallet to the BYOVerse website

2. Scan the BYOVerse for a desirable land parcel you'd like to claim

3. Click and link your BYOLand NFT parcels to open land parcels in the BYOVerse

4. Sign the gasless transaction in your wallet

Struggling to choose your land? Watch this tutorial video supplied by the BYOPills team. 

Users can select up to four land parcels in one single gasless transaction but will need to create separate transactions if they are looking to claim more than four land parcels. 

If you have successfully claimed your land parcel, the land will be highlighted black on the map explorer, disabling the ability for any other BYOLand holder to claim your land parcel. 

More information can be found on the land selection process in the BYOVerse documentation

BYOLand Selection Is Live
The Countdown to BYOLand Selection Has Started
Jason Bales

BYOLand, the metaverse land NFT collection from the BYOPills gaming ecosystem, has scheduled its land selection event for Friday, Aug. 26 at 10 a.m. ET. It will be open indefinitely after it goes live.

The land selector can be accessed here on Aug. 26.

A complete land selection tutorial video is available on BYOPills' official Twitter.

To select land, first connect your MetaMask wallet. The website will automatically find and display your BYOLand NFTs. Once your wallet is connected and your NFTs load, the selector tool will show all the available plots in the BYOVerse.

Click on a parcel that has not yet been linked to a BYOLand NFT, and it will show all eligible NFTs in your wallet to link to that parcel. Link all your available NFTs and click proceed. Sign the MetaMask signature request to complete the transaction, and a confirmation popup will display on screen.

For more information on the BYOLand selection process, see the BYODocs FAQ section here.

For more information on the BYOVerse in general, see BYOPills complete guide here.

The Countdown to BYOLand Selection Has Started
BYOPills Anniversary Minting is Now Open
Lou Sherman

BYOPills have announced that the claiming of Anniversary pills has opened. Holders of any BYO asset at the time of the one-year anniversary are eligible to mint the NFT for free plus gas fees. The initial mint of BYOPills began on July 16, 2021.

The Anniversary Pill is an ERC-1155 collection to commemorate the past year and what the community has built. The BYOPill Year 1 NFT is the first of the BYO Exclusives Collection.

The Anniversary Pull drop is separate from the Lost Boy Cassette Snapshot that was announced on July 24 for holders of a BYOPill and Lost Boy NFT.

The floor price for the OG BYOPill collection is 0.29 ETH at the time of this writing. Earlier this week, the BYO team completed updates on its BYOVERSE map, allowing holders to explore the new virtual world.

BYOPills Anniversary Minting is Now Open
Final Updates Complete on BYOVerse Map
Lucky Trader Staff

The updates for the Map Explorer for BYOLand have been completed, according to a tweet from BYOPills. 

Holders of BYOLand will be able to place their lands in the BYOVerse on Friday, Aug. 26, the project added in the tweet.

Holders can now explore the map of the BYOVerse, which consists of 16 total zones (in order of rarity from least to most): No Man's Land, Desolate Dunes, Amazonia, The Harbor, Lumia, Atlas Mountains, Radioactive Swamp, Volcan, Astroverse, The Mine, Bone Valley, Nebula, Frigid Plains, Cloud10, Komo Caves, and the Oblivion Void.

Land NFT holders will be able to choose a land parcel within their assigned zone. Each zone comes with an abundancy score, a dust level, fauna dangerosity, humidity, a psywaves level, a radiations level, resources, and a temperature.

For a guide on land selection, go to the BYODocs website.

Final Updates Complete on BYOVerse Map
BYOPills/Lost Boy Snapshot Taken Last Night
Bill Monighetti

Late last night, the BYOPills team announced a snapshot of BYOPills and Lost Boy NFT holders had taken place a few hours earlier, at 5:00 p.m., ET for its upcoming BYOCassette drop. Wallets that held both a BYOPill and a Lost Boy NFT at the time of the snapshot will be eligible to claim an "exclusive BYOPill and Lost Boy Cassette." 

BYOCassettes are exclusive soundtracks to the BYOVerse, "and can be playable in the BYOVerse," according to the team.

Holding a Lost Boy NFT is required only for this specific type of Cassette. An earlier snapshot of BYOLand holders was taken on July 16, and wallets that held a Land NFT on that date will be allowlisted to claim one BYOLand Cassette "per biome per wallet." The team provided the following example as clarification:

"For example: If you owned two Frigid Plain and one No Mans' Land during the time of snapshot, you are eligible for up to five total BYOCassettes, and you will be able to claim one Frigid Plain and one No Mans' Land BYOCassette. You can technically add up to three different biomes of BYOLand to claim five different BYOCassettes in this scenario."

The date of the BYOCassette claim is currently TBA. 

The team also expects to provide a Map Explorer update in the coming days.


BYOPills/Lost Boy Snapshot Taken Last Night