BYOPills Anniversary Minting is Now Open

BYOPills Anniversary Minting is Now Open
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BYOPills have announced that the claiming of Anniversary pills has opened. Holders of any BYO asset at the time of the one-year anniversary are eligible to mint the NFT for free plus gas fees. The initial mint of BYOPills began on July 16, 2021.

The Anniversary Pill is an ERC-1155 collection to commemorate the past year and what the community has built. The BYOPill Year 1 NFT is the first of the BYO Exclusives Collection.

The Anniversary Pull drop is separate from the Lost Boy Cassette Snapshot that was announced on July 24 for holders of a BYOPill and Lost Boy NFT.

The floor price for the OG BYOPill collection is 0.29 ETH at the time of this writing. Earlier this week, the BYO team completed updates on its BYOVERSE map, allowing holders to explore the new virtual world.

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