BYOPills/Lost Boy Snapshot Taken Last Night

BYOPills/Lost Boy Snapshot Taken Last Night
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Late last night, the BYOPills team announced a snapshot of BYOPills and Lost Boy NFT holders had taken place a few hours earlier, at 5:00 p.m., ET for its upcoming BYOCassette drop. Wallets that held both a BYOPill and a Lost Boy NFT at the time of the snapshot will be eligible to claim an "exclusive BYOPill and Lost Boy Cassette." 

BYOCassettes are exclusive soundtracks to the BYOVerse, "and can be playable in the BYOVerse," according to the team.

Holding a Lost Boy NFT is required only for this specific type of Cassette. An earlier snapshot of BYOLand holders was taken on July 16, and wallets that held a Land NFT on that date will be allowlisted to claim one BYOLand Cassette "per biome per wallet." The team provided the following example as clarification:

"For example: If you owned two Frigid Plain and one No Mans' Land during the time of snapshot, you are eligible for up to five total BYOCassettes, and you will be able to claim one Frigid Plain and one No Mans' Land BYOCassette. You can technically add up to three different biomes of BYOLand to claim five different BYOCassettes in this scenario."

The date of the BYOCassette claim is currently TBA. 

The team also expects to provide a Map Explorer update in the coming days.


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