Art Blocks Minting Employee-Selected Friendship Bracelets Tonight

Art Blocks Minting Employee-Selected Friendship Bracelets Tonight
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Art Blocks announced in its Discord server that "MacTuitui" will be minting the first 40 or so friendship bracelets tonight. The bracelets are hardcoded in the algorithm by tokenId and will represent each of the Art Blocks employee-selected color palettes.

The bracelets minted tonight will go to a single wallet before being distributed to the team. Mint #1 will be for Alexis Andre. The following mints will be distributed to each member of the Art Blocks team, in the order that they joined the company.

For those who were hired after the color selection deadline, Art Blocks will be minting 3 bracelets at the end of the color palletes for these members. The logic will be based on Alexis' process for randomly selecting colors from the embroidery floss options within the existing collection.

If you are interested in watching the new mints as they unfold, please visit the site to watch the minting happen LIVE.


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