About Half of Art Gobblers Minters Have Sold

About Half of Art Gobblers Minters Have Sold
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In less than 24 hours after minting to a select group of builders, influencers, and doodlers, about half of the members on the Art Gobblers curated “whitelist” have sold their NFT, according to Etherscan data.

There were 772 sales of minted Art Gobblers, the mega-hyped project from crypto investment firm Paradigm and “Rick and Morty” artist Justin Roiland, from Monday’s mint until 11 a.m. ET this morning. 

About 1,774 of the 2,000 free-to-mint NFTs have been claimed and the collection has done more than 7,350 ETH in the last day and has a floor price of 12.49 ETH as of 3 p.m. Tuesday — just before the scheduled 4:20 p.m. ET reveal.

The heavy secondary volume coupled with the Art Gobblers minting selection process (referenced as a “whitelist” by the project), had some users lament missing the mint.

Art Gobblers has been in the works for months, cobbling together its “community of artists, collectors, and builders since May.” 

“We began by hand-picking an initial group of humans that we admired for their contributions to crypto art. This group then nominated more deserving humans, who nominated more humans, and so on,” said Art Gobblers in a September tweet. 

After hand-picking some, the project then allowed a few more users to join the mint through an inventive doodling project where they were invited to use the Gobblers website to sketch art and share it on social media.

The art contest allowed some digital artists to qualify for the mint and Treeverse founder Loopify shared some of their stories in a tweet Tuesday, responding to what he felt was a “wave of misinformation” concerning the Art Gobblers mint.

“Here is a few dozen images of people who had their life changed by being picked for WL — debts paid, supporting parents, financial stability, etc.,” said Loopify, sharing stories like those of artists from Burrito DAO, some who will use their Art Gobblers sales to support family members, others to pay taxes, or to get ahead on bills.  

Then there were other stories from the mint like the one where popular NFT influencer and creator Andrew Wang larped as a 13-year-old artist named Balthazar Crumps to help promote the project.

“Besides playing Balthazar for the team (and meeting with their amazing writers who are way funnier than me) I also got to host the amazing Justin Roiland in spaces, took calls with the team, and found a project I enjoy, and am still holding. I did it all without promise of (whitelist) :D,” he tweeted.

Wang did procure a whitelist spot and minted Monday. He has not sold as of Tuesday at 3 p.m. ET.

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