Axie Infinity Unleashes Epic Era: More Prizes, Balanced Gameplay

Axie Infinity Unleashes Epic Era: More Prizes, Balanced Gameplay
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Axie Infinity unveiled its Epic Era, Season 4 in Origins, featuring a prize pool of over 39,000 $AXS ($261,300) and balance updates for a better gameplay experience.

The Deets

  • Epic Era introduces an increased prize pool of more than 39,000 $AXS
  • Balance updates include revisions to the First Mover Advantage and adjustments to Last Stand Rune and Stamp Charms
  • Improved in-game text for enhanced readability
  • The Epica Era focuses on strategizing and equal opportunities for players

The Bulk

Axie Infinity has launched the Epic Era, part of the Season 4 Origins. The new era will see participants battling for a prize pool of over 39,000 $AXS, constituting 35% of the total prize pool. This comes along with additional bonus rewards.

The Epic Era brings several balance updates for more strategic and fair gameplay. The First Mover Advantage has been revised to level the playing field. Initially, Player 1 had significant benefits over Player 2, but the new updates allow Player 2 more options, providing a fair chance for both players. These changes include adjustments to Player 1's energy and card draw on Turn 5 and alteration of the Free Keep rules.

Furthermore, the Last Stand Rune and Stamp Charms have undergone minor balancing updates for the Epic Era. The bonus stat of the Last Stand Rune has been reduced, and penalties have been modified for Moon Stamp, Sun Stamp, and Rocket Stamp charms.

📊 By the Numbers

Axie Infinity's ecosystem token, $AXS, has remained steady following the Epic Era announcement. It's priced at $6.70, down 15.2 percent over the last 30 days.

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