Franklin Sweepz 600+ Beanz, Quickly Dumps It All

Franklin Sweepz 600+ Beanz, Quickly Dumps It All
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Franklin (@franklinisbored) swept 600+ Beanz this afternoon, before selling off his entire position, per his Blur activity log

❗ Why It Matters

When Franklin's gold service ape sweeps 🧹, people always watch with interest. He was temporarily the top holder by some distance, and the floor roundtripped from up 0.2 ETH back to flat, as he sold it all back into the bids.

💰 Money Talks

Amidst the sweep, Franklin also bought Bean #10626 for a whopping 35 ETH (~$60k USD). That same bean was bought for 1.534 ETH ($2,600) 6 hours prior...It was likely just a casualty of the frenzied sweep.

ğŸŽ¤ Community Quotes

Franklin bout to post 'I just flipped 300 Beanz at .05 profit each, hold time 1 hour' No hate at all I respect the hustle.SteveG.




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