Bobu The Bean Farmer NFTs

Bobu The Bean Farmer NFT Overview

Project Information

A Collection of 50,000 Bobu The Bean Farmer NFTs. Bobu Tokens are an experiment in decentralized IP, created by

Bobu is Azuki #40 with a story around him as an honest bean farmer owned by the Azuki community. Bobu Tokens are a way to join an experiment in decentralized character IP governance. 30,000 tokens are retained by the Azuki team that will be released to the public over time. A detailed schedule for the team plans to release the 30k Bobu Tokens will be put out over the timeline of this decentralized IP experiment.

Bobu Tokens grant access to closed discord channels, proposal voting, and more surprises yet to be announced. Azuki #40 (Bobu) is deposited into a Vault. This Vault creates ERC-1155 tokens so that all holders of Bobu Tokens in the community can participate in collective governance over Bobu's character, a key character in the Azuki universe. It only takes one Bobu Token to get access to the closed Discord channels in The Garden. Each Token represents a vote in the governance of the Vault which contains the NFT, which is not to be confused with owning a fraction of the NFT. The Bobu Token is not an investment or a promise of future value of the underlying Azuki#40 NFT itself. A Bobu Token allows holders to participate in the decision making of the Vault that contains Bobu (Azuki #40).