Boot Force: Premint Raffle for Holders Next Week

Boot Force: Premint Raffle for Holders Next Week
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Jeremy Booth tweeted that "Make Haste", his next limited edition release, will have an edition size of 100.


❗ Why It Matters

Jeremy Booth said that Boots holders would have permanent raffle entry to all future personal LEs, and he's already started delivering with "Make Haste".

"Ramblin Man" (1/1) was recently auctioned for 5.566 ETH to @pablopunkasso on SuperRare, and this /100 LE is sure to be in high demand as well.

🧠 Need to Know

  • Price, pre-mint, and snapshot date for the top 25 Boots holders will be announced next week.
  • Remaining slots (outside of the top 25) will be raffled via premint. The more boots you own, the more likely you are to be chosen.
    • Per boots owned, not per wallet. I.e. 10 boots = 10 entries in the raffle

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