Azurbala Opens Second Community Feedback Survey

Azurbala Opens Second Community Feedback Survey
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Azurbala wrapped up its first community feedback survey following the reveal of its art and announced it would be running a second one in a recent tweet.

The first survey was generally for feedback regarding the art with the team saying many users prefer a 2D art over 3D, a new clothing style for the NFTs is preferred, and a "combination of Jungle Punk should be explored. It is worth noting that only holders can participate in the survey.

The new survey opens with five questions with multiple choice answers ranging from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree, those questions are as followed;

  • You're excited about the rough idea of an incredibly high quality 2D PFP with "jungle punk" vibes by a proven artist
  • You like the idea of one single base avatar model "Example Azuki, BAYC, Clone X, etc..."
  • If you like a single base avatar style, you think it should be a unique, new Azurian species rather than a human or an existing animal
  • You like the idea of the Azurians being multiple different animals with different furs, textures, and styles. In other words, this would not be a single base species, but rather a different species.
  • We previously had the intention for Azurians to be a single base model that is completely unique (i.e. they were their own species), and then we had different animal inspirations that showed up as different PFP traits. Do you think that idea has promise and could be a top PFP?

This is followed by two open ended questions that go as followed;

  • Is there any other context you want to give about the notion of one base species and lots of animal influences?
  • Many community members said on a survey round one that they expected more "Jungle Punk" (leaning towards cyberpunk or streampunk/dieselpunk) or "Futuristic Jungle" vibes. Please add any URLs to images that capture the type of vibe you have in mind.

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