Bored & Dangerous Burn Window Opens Tomorrow

Bored & Dangerous Burn Window Opens Tomorrow
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Bored & Dangerous initiates its burn period tomorrow, June 15, promising significant developments in the Azurbala universe.

The Deets

  • Three tiers of Azur Roots to be revealed: "1/1", "Apex", and "Origin"
  • Early burning incentivized with 1/1 Azur Root airdrops on June 22 and 29
  • Azur Root then redeems an Azurian Avatar
  • Avenue account creation required, serving as the new hub for Azurbala

The Bulk

Following a prelude filled with art revelations, trailer releases, and community building, the Bored & Dangerous burn period is set to commence on June 15. 

The burn period introduces three distinctive tiers of Azur Roots - "1/1", "Apex", and "Origin". The tier of your Azur Root is expected to influence the rarity of the eventual Azurian you uncover, adding a layer of randomness and anticipation to the burning process.

In a strategic move to encourage early participation, two exclusive 1/1 Azur Root airdrops are scheduled for June 22 and 29. Holders of Azur Roots will be automatically entered into these raffles, making early burning or secondary market purchases a potentially rewarding strategy.

Moreover, Azurbala is transitioning to Avenue as its main community hub. Post-burn, users will be prompted to create an Avenue account to access exclusive content, giveaways, and further community interactions. Despite Avenue still being in its beta phase, Azurbala is keen to cultivate this space during the burn window.

โ—๏ธWhy It Matters

It's been a long time coming for Azur Root, Azurians, and the advancement of the Bored & Dangerous project. By all accounts, the new art is being received as a major improvement and the entire community is ready to move beyond an initial misstep. 

๐Ÿ”œ What's Next?

The burn window starts on June 15 at 1 pm ET and closes on July 26 at 11:59 PM ET. All users are encouraged to participate early and join the Azurbala space on Avenue to keep up with the community's developments.

๐ŸŽฌ Take Action 

Holders can prepare for the burn which will be facilitated through Avenue. All associated links can be found here


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