Sewer Pass Claim, Dookey Dash Delayed

Sewer Pass Claim, Dookey Dash Delayed
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The claim for the sewer pass will occur "around end of day PST", the official BAYC account tweeted. The Sewers will also now instead open Thursday, Jan. 19. 

The Fine Print: All Bored Ape and Mutant Ape holders worldwide will have at least 24 hours to claim their passes.

We will tweet a 1-hour heads up before Dookey Dash goes live, to make sure everyone has their scuba gear ready to go. Dookey Dash and Sewer Pass claims will still close on 2/8 as planned. Questions about how claim works? Reach out to our official Discord.@BoredApeYC

Why It Matters: Eager apes will have to wait another day to start playing Dookey Dash, as speculation continues to percolate on Twitter around how much the different tiers of passes will cost on the secondary market.

Apes will not only have more time to claim, but also got a more concrete time today for when the claim will start. Interested non-BAYC/MAYC holders will have extra time to obtain a pass before the games begin as well.

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