BYOLand Reaching Final Terraforming Stages

BYOPills announced that BYOLands are reaching the final stages of terraforming in a tweet this morning

The tweet was accompanied by a video showcasing the terraforming process, and a note that urges holders to refresh the metadata for their BYOLand NFTs. 

As BYOLands approach the completion of terraforming, they should now showcase the BYOME (zone), resources and resource abundance, and the details of the BYOLand environment. 

The final message in the accompanying video indicates that Apostle suits are still required for survival. 

BYOLand NFTs currently hold a floor price of 0.429 ETH. 


BYOLand is a collection of 10,056 land parcels in the BYOVerse. BYOLand parcels are fully customizable and can be built on, earning players $TRYP, the project's utility token. All holders will be able to select their land location from the BYOVerse map. In the future BYOPills will have an impact on the terrain and resource yield of each holders' BYOLand.
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