The Countdown to BYOLand Selection Has Started

The Countdown to BYOLand Selection Has Started
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BYOLand, the metaverse land NFT collection from the BYOPills gaming ecosystem, has scheduled its land selection event for Friday, Aug. 26 at 10 a.m. ET. It will be open indefinitely after it goes live.

The land selector can be accessed here on Aug. 26.

A complete land selection tutorial video is available on BYOPills' official Twitter.

To select land, first connect your MetaMask wallet. The website will automatically find and display your BYOLand NFTs. Once your wallet is connected and your NFTs load, the selector tool will show all the available plots in the BYOVerse.

Click on a parcel that has not yet been linked to a BYOLand NFT, and it will show all eligible NFTs in your wallet to link to that parcel. Link all your available NFTs and click proceed. Sign the MetaMask signature request to complete the transaction, and a confirmation popup will display on screen.

For more information on the BYOLand selection process, see the BYODocs FAQ section here.

For more information on the BYOVerse in general, see BYOPills complete guide here.

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