Castaways Airdrop Genesis Characters, Launch Homestead Update

Castaways Airdrop Genesis Characters, Launch Homestead Update
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Castaways announced the completion of the Genesis airdrop on Monday, with 817 unrevealed characters distributed to whitelisted users and Island or Raft holders. 

Castaways Genesis holds a 0.43 ETH floor following the release, with the NFTs divided into envelopes from four airlines as part of a multi-stage reveal beginning next Monday.

Like DigiDaigaku Genesis, the Castaways Genesis characters will be 'factory' assets — which continue to receive airdrops of other in-game assets.

Users were also able to begin opening treasure chests on Monday, which were airdropped to active users in early November and contain a variety of NFTs in the ecosystem (including Rafts, Islands, and Characters). 

The team also detailed more information regarding 'The Homestead Update', a new phase of the Castaways game., in a town hall on Monday.

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