Casual Sloths NFTs

Casual Sloths NFT Overview

Project Information

Casual Sloths is a collection of 4,444 Sloth NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, created by @PinkMuzzle.

Casual Sloths held a free mint on July 23rd.

The Casual Sloths live in Slothropolis, where the only danger comes from failed experiments of Dr. Chockblain. Dr. Chockblain is the doctor, mayor, and caretaker of Slothropolis. The doctor's job is to keep the sloth population safe and healthy so he can keep working on his master plan.

Slothropolis is a city built on a small planet somewhere in the galaxy. The city also contains a Cryogen Facility which is currently housing 4444 sloths in cryosleep. These sloths are cryogenized for Dr. Chockblain's big secret mission, 100 years from now.