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Profitable Wallets Heavily Trading Casual Sloths
Staff Writer

Casual Sloths, a 4,444-edition collection from @PinkMuzzle, has revealed in Lucky Trader's Asset Explorer.

The floor price on the collection has fallen from 0.12 ETH to 0.079 ETH after the Monday 1 p.m. ET reveal, a typical trading pattern known as the post-reveal dip, where sales migrate toward rare assets and those holders who were hoping for rare NFTs sell their common assets. 

While the floor has dipped, profitable traders are trading the NFT heavily, with 348 sharp wallets (those that have made more the 50 ETH of profit) buying into the project and 155 sharp wallets selling in the past 24 hours.

Casual Sloths is held by 11.25 percent of profitable wallets — more than projects such as Anonymice (10.55 percent owned) and Gutter Rats, which is 11.16 percent owned by profitable wallets.

Profitable Wallets Heavily Trading Casual Sloths