Catharsis by Dario Lanza NFTs

Catharsis by Dario Lanza NFT Overview

Project Information

Catharsis is a collection of 999 generative art NFTs created by digital/generative artist Dario Lanza on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection was released on the generative art platform gm. studio. Catharsis represents the first ever evolutive algorithm on the blockchain, creating a collection of art that evolves from the first mint until the final mint. The algorithm used to create each piece in the collection evolves and mutates whilst being executed, which creates a new dimension of art production.

Additionally, Catharsis is a long-structure collection that allows for the pairing of different artworks to form diptychs and triptychs. The digital paint splatters of each piece extend from the previous piece and continue onto the following piece, thus creating continuity within the entire collection.