Chimpers Genesis NFTs

Chimpers Genesis NFT Overview

Project Information

Chimpers Genesis is 100, unique, hand drawn, 1/1 Chimps by Timpers on the Ethereum blockchain. The genesis 1/1 Chimpers are brought to life by burning the diamond fleece. The quest for the diamond fleece is the genesis series of The Boring Ape Chronicles (tbac), a community-driven collection made up of 6 interconnected episodes combining Timper's art with insight's storytelling. The 100 genesis Chimpers are the prelude collection to the 5,555 Chimpers collection that exists across the Boring Ape Chronicles intergalactic warp.

Chimpers are a ground-breaking character collection created by the renowned pixel artist Timpers and are also the focus of a brand new web 3 adventure story filled with incredible art and lore.

Chimpers holders will quest, uncover the mysteries of the chimpverse, and unite to create a universe that will be remembered for decades. The Chimpers team ethos is to under-promise and over-deliver, providing value to collectors through mystery, surprise, and reward.