Chimpers Announces Adventure 3

Chimpers Announces Adventure 3
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Master Chimpo's Dojo announces the third adventure for Chimpers, bringing new rewards and game updates to the Chimpers NFT community.

The Deets

  • New spirit jewel reward for Adventure 3 participants
  • Changes to forward/backward squares and introduction of lore squares
  • New and returning rewards, including Bugatti Bags, crossover artwork from OSF
  • Roll history added

The Details

Chimpers are about to embark on their third adventure, where they will explore the moonlit peaks of a mountainous region. Participants in the adventure can expect new rewards, including a spirit jewel for their Chimp. The third adventure introduces changes to the game mechanics, with alterations to the forward/backward squares and the introduction of lore squares, which provide players with background information about the Chimpverse.

In addition to the new spirit jewel, Chimpers can win various rewards during their adventure. These rewards include Chimpers Chronicles Series 2 artwork editions, Amulet Spirit Jewels, and more. The game updates aim to enhance player immersion and interaction with the Chimpverse.

❗️Why It Matters

During one of the quietest periods in NFT activity in recent memory, Chimpers continues to provide rewards and engagement opportunities for its community. While providing a consistent cadence of small rewards to holders is not revolutionary, the Chimpers team has uniquely positioned Adventures as an incredibly low-lift reward system for its holders. To participate, holders must simply place their Chimper in the DOJO (basically stake their NFT) to become eligible for rewards. It doesn't get much simpler, and is in contrast to other projects like Cool Cats or Yuga Labs, which require much more activity and attention....attention that users don't really want to give to NFTs at present time. 

📊 By the Numbers

The project has gotten acclaim this week for its social reach on Instagram, where its IP is now being broadcast to 193,000 followers

ğŸŽ¬ Take Action

To participate in the third adventure, ensure your Chimpers NFT is staked in the DOJO. 

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