Head To The Dojo! Chimpers Adventure 2 Starts Today

Head To The Dojo! Chimpers Adventure 2 Starts Today
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Chimpers NFT launched its second adventure in the series, according to a tweet from the project

❗ Why It Matters

This is the start of TBAC Series 2: “The Quest for the Ancient Chronicles," and the first-ever story about the Chimpers from the series. Holders will be able to complete tasks to earn rewards and compete for a grand prize.

🔎 The Deets

The TBAC series 2 will consist of six artworks from Timpers, the project artist and founder. In Series 2 new rewards will be discovered, and some previous rewards may not be available. 

A couple of highlights include: 

  • Rewards are distributed at the end of the adventure, except for XP (daily) and Bananas (Daily)
  • All Yellow Bandana level Chimpers have received the Amulet Spirit Jewels.
  • Exclusive Chimpers Trading Cards to four lucky winners.
  • A new jewel, the Amulet Wind Jewel, which you can obtain.
  • and many more...

🎬 Take Action

If you hold a Chimpers and it is staked in the DOJO, it will be automatically enrolled into the adventure games, however, if you aren't: 

  • All Chimpers in the snapshot will be able to roll their dice the next day

So make sure to read the details if you plan to get involved in the new adventure.

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