Chimpers Dojo Battles Now Live

Chimpers Dojo Battles Now Live
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Dojo Battles for Chimpers holders are now live according to a post from earlier this afternoon.

Holders who wish to participate in the Dojo Battles can enter their Chimpers NFT into the dojo on the official Dojo Battles website.

Participants will have their strongest stat Chimpers lead their team into battle. The battling is turn-based and whoever goes first is decided via a coin flip according to the official rules outline posted by the team. 

Once in battle, players must first use their base attack, and then after that, they will have the ability to perform their "Special Move" which are not limited to only attacks so players can strategize on the best use of their Special Move.

For Special Moves, all traits of a Chimpers NFT are grouped together in one category out of 21 which determines the animation of the Special Move.

Once a player loses all their health the battle is finished, after which the winner of the fight will receive a 4XP for every Chimper they own while losers will receive 1XP for every Chimpers they own.

Battles will take place every day at 2:00 p.m. ET.

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