Chimpers Joins Private Beta for ThirdGate

Chimpers Joins Private Beta for ThirdGate
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Chimpers have been included in a private beta for ThirdGate, a new platform that offers perks and rewards from various brands if the user is a holder of specific NFTs. This announcement was made by both @ChimpersNFT and @thirdgatexyz.

The Deets

  • ThirdGate is a marketplace that allows creators of digital assets to unlock access to new benefits for their holders.
  • Chimpers in the Dojo can access 26 perks from brands, including offers for gift cards, discounts, airdrops, and WL spots, with more coming soon.
  • The offers have various expiration dates or supply limits (100 for WL spots or 20 for a 95% discount on tickets for the Non Fungible Conference in Lisbon, for instance).
  • At the time of writing, there are 40+ other projects on ThirdGate's NFT Collections page, including CloneX, Creepz, Cyberbrokers, Deadfellaz, KaijuKingz, and Project Godjira.

❗ Why It Matters

ThirdGate is an example of a loyalty program for web3 businesses. ThirdGate's rewards marketplace provides a Groupon-esque experience to holders of certain NFT projects, with some benefits and coupon codes available to a limited number of claimants.

🎬 Take Action

Chimpers holders can view possible rewards by following these steps:

  • Go to the Chimpers page on the ThirdGate site:
  • Choose the perks you want by clicking on the Claim button underneath the offers.
  • Create an account, and you can either connect your wallet or use TokenProof to verify that you have a Chimpers in the Dojo.

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