Snowfro's Auction of 10 Unminted Squiggles Sell for Combined 186 ETH

Snowfro's Auction of 10 Unminted Squiggles Sell for Combined 186 ETH
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The auction for the 10 unminted Squiggles in "Snowfro’s Squiggles: The Auction” ended today and sold for a combined 186.3 ETH ($333.5k USD).

The Deets

  • VerticalCrypto Art and Right Click Save collaborated on this unminted Squiggles charity auction in support of The ALS Association via The Giving Block.
  • The format was a ranked auction of ten unminted Chromie Squiggles that lasted 24 hours.
  • The ten highest bidders will receive their Chromie Squiggles, minted by Snowfro himself.
  • Auction results can be seen at
  • The top bid was 19.9 ETH ($35,620), and the tenth highest bid was 18.0 ETH ($32,200).
  • The ten unminted Squiggle IDs are: 9764, 9765, 9766, 9767, 9768, 9769, 9770, 9771, 9772, and 9773.
  • The highest bidder will receive Squiggle ID 9764, the second highest bidder will receive Squiggle ID 9765, and the tenth highest bidder will receive Squiggle ID 9773.

❗ Why It Matters

Squiggles are the genesis project of Snowfro (née Erick Calderon), the founder and CEO of Art Blocks. They were first minted in November 2020 for 0.035 ETH (!), but Snowfro actually never finished minting all of them. The Chromie Squiggle page on the Art Blocks site shows that 9,764 (soon to be 9,774) of 10,000 have been minted. So this auction represented a rare opportunity to acquire an unminted Chromie Squiggle.

In many ways, Snowfro's Chromie Squiggles are the emblem of the generative art movement and reflect the vibrant foundation that Art Blocks was built on. And with Snowfro being so selective about the occasions on which unminted Squiggles are to be released, this auction of unminted Squiggles was certainly a fantastic way to raise money for ALS research.

📊 By the Numbers

The 10 unminted Squiggles sold for about 18.6 ETH each on average, representing a nearly 50% premium to the floor of 12.5 ETH on OpenSea Pro.

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