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Two Gala Games Collections Delisted From OpenSea
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Two Gala Games collections — Vox Collectibles and Mirandus Vox — have been delisted from OpenSea Wednesday morning for unknown reasons.

Gala Games is aware of the delisted collections, according to a Discord announcement, and is “digging in with our close friends at OS to fix.” Attempts to contact support members from OpenSea over the matter were unsuccessful, but the company said it has been “doing a few updates” to its collection.

Vox Collectibles is the main collection for Town Star, a game that had the distribution of its token paused July 17 as Gala Games works to fix the struggling game economy.

For Mirandus Vox, only one NFT shows in the collection: the Box NFT used to exchange for Mirandus Voxes. 

The floor prices on Vox Collectibles and Mirandus VOX were 0.6 ETH and 0.69 ETH, respectively, prior to the delisting.

The Gala Games collection VOX Collectibles: The Walking Dead appears to be unaffected.

The OpenSea page for VOX Collectibles shows just one NFT with the words "item delisted."
Two Gala Games Collections Delisted From OpenSea