VOX Is Back With Launch of DreamWorks Trolls on Coinbase

VOX Is Back With Launch of DreamWorks Trolls on Coinbase
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The team at Gala Games is back today with an expansion of their VOX collectibles set, as they bring DreamWorks Trolls to the VOXverse.

The set of 8,888 Troll-inspired avatars will resemble the style of the existing VOX characters, but with some DreamWorks flare. The team is also teasing play-to-earn mechanisms, as the tagline "Avatars that DeFi" is prevalent in their marketing materials.

There are limited and conflicting details available for the mint. A countdown on the Coinbase NFT project page points to a mint happening at 4:15 p.m. ET.  Yet a medium post from the VOX team, published on Oct. 4, states that the mint will begin on Oct. 14. The mint price and other mint details are not publicly listed at this time. 

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