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Two Gala Games Collections Delisted From OpenSea
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Two Gala Games collections — Vox Collectibles and Mirandus Vox — have been delisted from OpenSea Wednesday morning for unknown reasons.

Gala Games is aware of the delisted collections, according to a Discord announcement, and is “digging in with our close friends at OS to fix.” Attempts to contact support members from OpenSea over the matter were unsuccessful, but the company said it has been “doing a few updates” to its collection.

Vox Collectibles is the main collection for Town Star, a game that had the distribution of its token paused July 17 as Gala Games works to fix the struggling game economy.

For Mirandus Vox, only one NFT shows in the collection: the Box NFT used to exchange for Mirandus Voxes. 

The floor prices on Vox Collectibles and Mirandus VOX were 0.6 ETH and 0.69 ETH, respectively, prior to the delisting.

The Gala Games collection VOX Collectibles: The Walking Dead appears to be unaffected.

The OpenSea page for VOX Collectibles shows just one NFT with the words "item delisted."
Two Gala Games Collections Delisted From OpenSea
gm NFTs: BAYC Game Delayed, Punks Comic Staking, Gazers by Matt Kane
Logan Hitchcock

Top News Today:

  • BAYC Game Delayed, BAYC Chasing Punks

  • Punks Comic Staking Goes Live

  • Art Blocks Curated, Matt Kane's "Gazers"

  • Mirandus Vox Avatar Drop


BAYC Game and Competition Delayed

After closing registration to their mobile gaming competition, Bored Ape Yacht Club was forced to postpone the complete rollout of their game citing an unexpected lack of approval from Apple. In a discord announcement about the postponement, the BAYC team indicated a solution wasn't likely until at least Tuesday, December 7. 

In the meantime, the Bored Ape Yacht Club floor continues to rise in the face of a falling CryptoPunks floor. At the time of writing, the floors are 51.85 ETH and 68.99 ETH, respectively. The "Apes versus Punks" debate has consumed NFT Twitter of late, sparking conversation about creative commons, utility, historical provenance, and more. 




Punks Comic Staking Goes Live

Late last night, GFunk, creator of Punks Comic and Pixel Vault, announced the staking of Punks Comic issues for the utility token $POW had gone live. Users who hold the first issue of Punks Comic can now head to to stake their NFT for the $POW token. The first staking pool is set to last six months, with 20% of the total $POW supply being released. 



Art Blocks Curated: Matt Kane's "Gazers"

Art Blocks Curated collectors will be able to add Matt Kane's "Gazers" to their collections today at 1:00 p.m. ET. The collection will go live via Dutch auction starting at 15 ETH, dropping in price every five minutes until a final resting price of 0.1 ETH. 

"Gazers" is a collection of generative moon phase calendar NFTs, designed to dynamically update each day "echoing the change of light in our skies." 

To learn more about Kane and the "Gazers" project, you can find Matt on twitter @MattKaneArtist


Mirandus Vox Avatar Drop

Gala Games will drop their Mirandus Vox avatars today at 5:00 p.m. ET. Though damaged in the recent slide, $GALA, the native currency of the Gala Ecosystem has seen a steep rise over the last 30 days, increasing in price by 381%. The optimism around the project makes it likely that the drop later today will be hotly contested. Though the price is currently unknown it is suspected that you will need $GALA to make a purchase. Users are encouraged to be prepared with a Gala account and $GALA ahead of the drop. 

Initially, minters will be given an ERC-1155 that can be traded for the eventual ERC-721 Vox avatar. The drop will take place through the Gala Games app store



NFT Market Updates

In the face of a broad cryptocurrency price slide, NFTs stayed relatively flat over the weekend. 

  • RTFKT's Clone X Mintvials up 19% to 3.30 ETH floor ahead of reveal expected next week.
  • Desperate Ape Wives up 31% to 1.77 ETH floor
  • EvoSnails down 62% to 0.05 ETH floor despite announcement of Phase 2 of their roadmap. 


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gm NFTs: BAYC Game Delayed, Punks Comic Staking, Gazers by Matt Kane