Cool Cats Adds New Boss Quests to Cooltopia Game

Cool Cats Adds New Boss Quests to Cooltopia Game

Cool Cats announced today that it has added new boss quests to its Cooltopia gaming ecosystem. The new quests include Angry Bloom in the Flower Forest and The Ancient Cat Spirit in the Dusty Temple.

These two quests have been up on the website for a few days, but they were grayed out and not playable. The first boss quest, against Sand Golem, was released on Jul. 28.

"Eager for another adventure," the new quest announcement asks. "Two new bosses await your challenge in the 'Boss Quests' tab. Select which Cat or Pet you'd like to send out, and attempt to best some of Cooltopia's most fearsome foes."

The Angry Bloom boss quest rewards participants with "a new item to display your success," and the Ancient Cat Spirit boss quest urges players to "uncover its many secrets, and eliminate this mysterious enemy to claim your reward."

The Angry Bloom boss quest requires three sagewood items, which can be gathered in the forest, and one small terrarium, which can be found in Pet Supply boxes or purchased on the secondary marketplace.

The Ancient Cat Spirit boss quest requires three diamonds, which can be gathered in the river, and a rainbow butterfly. It also requires trophies from both other boss quests.

Boss quests can only be completed once per day without re-energizing your Cool Cat or switching to your Cool Pet character.

The team is expected to continue to add new boss quests and use cases for its utility token, MILK, and items.

More about Cool Cats

Cool Cats is a collection of 9,999 unique, randomly generated cats on the Ethereum blockchain. All cats are cool, but the Cool Cats that have a complete outfit find themselves in different rarity tiers. Cool Pets, a companion collection that was airdropped to Cool Cats holders, function as playable characters in the project's "Cooltopia" game.

At the time of publish, the Cool Cats floor price sits at 2.05 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 19 ETH volume of transactions. Over that same timeframe, 1 sharp wallets have sold 1 NFTs and no sharp wallets have bought NFTS in the the Cool Cats collection. Catch up on other recent Cool Cats news here.

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