Cool Cats Quietly Releases Boss Quests in Recent Cooltopia Update

Cool Cats Quietly Releases Boss Quests in Recent Cooltopia Update
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Cool Cats highly-anticipated "boss quests" are officially live, according to an announcement made by the team on the official Cool Cats website.

"You will find a new tab in the quest panel labelled 'Boss Quests'," the announcement reads. "Here you can send your Cat or Pet to combat some of Cooltopia's most dangerous denizens!"

"Watch out though, they will challenge you when you encounter them," it continues. "Those that conquer the Bosses will find a new token appear in their inventory. Some are rarer than others..."

A screenshot (see featured image) from Twitter user and Cool Cats NFT holder faebs.eth (@plvrzd) shows a "Sand Golem" boss battle in the Clumping Deserts. A menu bar in the middle of the screen has a section to add a fighter (seemingly a Cool Cats or Cool Pets NFT) and a button to fight the boss for 2,000 MILK, the ecosystem's native utility token.

The Cool Cats gaming ecosystem, Cooltopia, went into maintenance mode today at 7 a.m. ET. It is now up and running again.

The team teased boss battle characters 15 days ago via Twitter. 

For more information about the boss battle characters, see Lucky Trader's article here.

The team also mentioned boss battles recently via Twitter.

"Boss quests are coming," Cool Cats official Twitter reads. "Keep your eyes peeled for the all-new experience coming to Cooltopia next week."

In addition to boss quests, the Cool Cats' team also added:

  • a new Cooltopia Nursery tab, where unhatched Pet eggs can be dropped off in exchange for MILK
  • a new Fast Hatch mechanic
    • pay 50,000 MILK to hatch a random element Pet
  • a new Element Hatch mechanic
    • pay 100,000 MILK to hatch a chosen element
  • Daily pet interactions have been increased to 10 per day

New boss locations and mini-games are expected to drop in upcoming development updates.

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