100 Cool Comics Airdropped, Reveal Tomorrow

100 Cool Comics Airdropped, Reveal Tomorrow
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The Cool Cats team has airdropped 100 Cool Comic NFTs to select Cool Pets holders this afternoon, according to an announcement from the team.  

The move was in response to the difficulty of obtaining Cool Comic NFTs for Cool Pets holders, who were disadvantaged in the earning of $MILK, the project's native ecosystem token. 

To start, the team collected a list of Ethereum addresses that held only one or two Cool Pets NFTs, but no original Cool Cats NFT. Then, the team layered in a handful of other weighted criteria that included Cooltopia activity, amount of Pets owned, quest completion, and more. 

A full breakdown of the decision-making and announcement can be found here

The airdrop winners and all Cool Comic NFT minters can expect to see their NFT revealed tomorrow. 

Learn more about Cool Comics with our initial reporting. 


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