CryptoNinja Partners NFTs

CryptoNinja Partners NFT Overview

Project Information

CryptoNinja Partners is a collection of 22,222 ninja NFTs created by the Ninja DAO living on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection is an expansion of the Ninja DAO ecosystem of CryptoNinja characters and features four new characters - Leelee, the panda, Mitama, the ghost, Narukami, the hawk, and Orochi, the white snake. CryptoNinja Partners NFTs act as a membership card to the Ninja DAO ecosystem and provides priority access to all future Ninja DAO projects and events. Ninja DAO is developing projects in many sectors of Web3, including education, the metaverse, and entertainment. CryptoNinja Partners NFT holders are able to provide additional value to Ninja DAO by participating in future Ninja DAO events.