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The FREE and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
Julian Son

CryptoNinja Partners is holding a massive free mint for its upcoming project, "CNP Makimono [Red]", per a tweet from ikehaya Pass founder 🍺ikehaya (@IHayato). 


❗ Why It Matters

ikehaya is the founder of ikehaya Pass and, along with @rii2_4, he's also the co-founder of a more established project: CryptoNinja Partners (CNP), a collection of 22,222 generative PFP NFTs (that have a floor price around 1.8 ETH at the time of writing).

And while last week ikehaya explained that his Pass was a "very experimental project for me", today he more assertively proclaimed CNP as the "No. 1 project in Japan". In any case, irrespective of one's appetite or affinity for the Japanese meta, the CryptoNinja Partners Makimono mint is FREE - and apparently there will be thousands of winners 🐱‍👤. So anyone remotely interested should just register on Premint first, and ask questions later.

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The FREE and the Furious: Tokyo Drift