Cryptoon Goonz Announces BRED Rewards

Cryptoon Goonz Announces BRED Rewards
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Cryptoon Goonz introduced BRED, a new rewards system for NFT holders, with the first claiming window starting on April 27.

The Deets:

  • Claiming windows available on the 1st to 7th of each month, starting in May
  • Earn 24 BRED daily for each Goon in the Portal
  • BRED rewards built on the Polygon blockchain
  • Use BRED to buy limited-edition art, experiences, and more

The Details

Cryptoon Goonz announced its new rewards system called BRED to offer exclusive perks and benefits to its community. Holders earn 24 BRED for each day their Cryptoon Goonz NFT is staked in the Cryptoon Goonz Portal

The claiming windows for BRED will run from the 1st to the 7th of every month. Users need to claim their BRED during these designated windows or their earnings will be paused until the next month's window. Marketplace drops and restocks will coincide with these claim windows, providing more opportunities to obtain Goonz merch and benefits.

BRED rewards are built on the Polygon blockchain and the system automatically covering the transaction gas fees. There's no need for MATIC, network switching, or any complicated processes. Once claimed, BRED is securely stored in the user's wallet with complete ownership.

As part of the rewards system launch, users will no longer be able to sell their Gonnz NFTs when in the Portal. A holder must remove the NFT from the Portal in order to sell the NFT. 

The Goonz ecosystem plans to grow and create more meaningful ways for users to interact with their collectibles. BRED can be used to buy limited-edition art, physical items, exclusive experiences, and much more, making it an exciting addition to the world of NFTs.

❗️Why It Matters

Goonz joins the growing trend of NFT projects that are committing to holders with unique loyalty programs that aren't dependent upon token liqudity and consistent focus on "price go up." The brand has already flexed its muscles as one of the most respected merchandisers in web3 and now it can continue to promote exclusivity that is only available to active participants of the community. 

🎬 Take Action

BRED claiming will be available starting tomorrow, Apr. 27 and the first claim redemption window will be open until May 7. 

The claiming process will take place on the Cryptoon Goonz claim site that will be announced with the opening of the claim window. 

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