Cryptoon Goonz Delays Holder-Exclusive Merch Drop Due to Tech Issues

Cryptoon Goonz Delays Holder-Exclusive Merch Drop Due to Tech Issues
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Cryptoon Goonz, which recently announced its newest merchandise drop yesterday, is delaying the release of holders-exclusive items due to technical concerns with its token-gating process.

"We are experiencing a technical outage that is out of [our] control related to token gating (exclusive access and discounts) that did not occur at all during testing this morning," Jesse Friedland of the Goonz team said on Discord. "Thank you for your patience Goon Gang."

To rectify the situation, the team is manually applying failed discounts on non-holder-exclusive items (submit a ticket in Discord) and taking down the two holder-exclusive items until further notice.

"We will give fair notice when [the items] will be dropping," Friedland said.

The Cryptoon Goonz Food Fight merchandise was originally released at its Bored & Hungry IRL (in-real-life) event, and purchases of holder-exclusive items are accompanied by a Juicy Goon NFT (also delayed for now).

Seven items are still available, however, including: the Goonz Juice t-shirt in lavender, the Glizzy Chef long-sleeve t-shirt in white, the Goon Juice bucket hat in lavender, the Goonlar hat in burnt orange, the Goon Juice bucket hat in crimson, the Goonlar hat in black, and the Heater tote bag.

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