School Photo Day for Cryptoon Goonz Holders

School Photo Day for Cryptoon Goonz Holders
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It's school picture day for the Cryptoon Goonz family! An airdrop is scheduled to take place today at noon, ET for all Cryptoon Goonz and Cryptoon Goonz Portal NFT holders where a new "beautiful PFP of your OG goon" will be gifted to each collector.

These School Photo NFTs will not be tradable, and will always be tied to the owner of the Goon. School Photo NFTs will exist as a separate collection on OpenSea, and collectors who purchase a Cryptoon Goonz NFT after today's drop will be able to claim a Goon PFP via the project's website by paying a gas fee. Cryptoon Goonz also references a "Yearbook Page" in its FAQs about School Photos, though no further information is currently available.

Goonz's School Photo NFTs follow a similar initiative from Smilesss, who last month created non-tradeable "fish-eye lens" styled PFPs based on the original Smilesss collection.

As the airdrop approaches, Cryptoon Goonz will host a stream on Twitch with all the details. Tune in at noon, ET here.

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