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About Smilesss

Your ticket into the Smilesssvrs, The Smilesss Collection features 8,888 generative characters designed by Waheed Zai. The project's roadmap is split into three acts:

  • Act I: Charity donation (10% of sales), unlockable content, weekly events and community music nights
  • Act II: Exclusive merch, airdrops, collaborations
  • Act III: Augmented reality capabilities, more characters, community initiatives

On Dcemeber 17 the Smilesssvrs announced their second roadmap, which includes esports iniatives, and more.

In January 2022, Smilesssvrs announced an upcoming collaboration with Chains NFT and Crypto Jeweler. Smilesssvrs NFT holders will received a Smilesss Chain on January 10.

On Jan. 13, 2022, Smilesssvrs partnered with TIME Studios to develop an animated children's show.

In February 2022, Smilesssvrs and round21 announced a co-branded  "first-of-its-kind mini hoop drop."

News Feed

The smilesss Halo $10K Invitational will begin on June 27. There will be 8 teams from the community battling in the double-elimination bracket for Halo Infitnite. More details on the tournament can be found in the smilesss Discord.

Smilesss Halo Tournament Coming Soon

Smilesss is giving away up to five free NFTs to those who find its five physical posters hidden around New York City.

The treasure hunt will start today at noon ET. The posters were created by @all_smilesss.

This post will be updated as location hints and clues are revealed by the team. Stay tuned.

Lost Smilesss one, two, three, and four have been found.

The fifth and final lost Smilesss is located downtown.

Find a Free Smilesss NFT at IRL Treasure Hunt in NYC

The Smilesss Discord has been compromised according to a recent tweet from the team.

Users should not click any links in the project's Discord and wait until the team announces that they have regained control of the server before entering.

As a reminder, users should never click any links claiming to be a stealth mint.

Smilesss Discord Has Been Compromised

Smilesss announced a collaboration with NBA superstar Steph Curry in a tweet this afternoon

More details are expected shortly, but here's what we know so far:

Each time Steph Curry makes a three-point shot in the NBA Finals, nine free NFTs featuring a basketball with Curry's name on it can be reserved at

Once on the site, users can connect their wallets to be prepared to reserve an NFT. As soon as Steph makes a three-pointer, users will need to click reserve for their change to buy the NFT. Only users who successfully reserve the NFT will be able to purchase the NFT, which has no cost. Users will only need to pay a gas fee to complete their transactions. 

Though shared by the Smilesss team, the reservation process is open to anyone, not just Smilesss holders. More details about the Smilesss involvement is expected soon.

Smilesss Announces Collaboration With Steph Curry

The claim for the Smilesss PFP went live for holders according to a recent announcement from the team.

Holders can head over to the portal to claim their Smilesss PFP. Once there, users can connect their wallet and select the NFT(s) they wish to claim a PFP for.

The PFP version of the NFT cannot be bought or sold on its own, users who buy Smilesss on secondary must go back to the portal to transfer the PFP NFT that matches up with their Smilesss.

Smilesss PFP Claim Goes Live


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