FLUF Holders Earn Allowlist Spot
Lou Sherman

FLUF World announced a new benefit for its holders, in partnership with Cryptowalkers. FLUF World holders will be added to the allowlist for the upcoming Female Walker mint on December 6.

Cryptowalkers are developing an open-world adventure game called "Walker World" with Unreal Engine 5. Cryoptowalkers recently shared a trailer of its play-to-earn third-person shooter game.

A snapshot of holders will be taken 48 hours prior to the mint, and each wallet will be able to mint 2 Female Walkers. Other NFT projects that will be on the allowlist include ASM Genesis Brains, Seekers, ATEM Car Club Membership, and Drug Receipts. The mint price was not yet announced, but head on over to the Cryptowalkers or FLUF Discord for up to date information as the mint approaches.

FLUF Holders Earn Allowlist Spot


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