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About FLUF World

FLUFs are a collection of 10,000 unique, 3D-animated rabbits living as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

FLUFs have been programmatically generated from 270 attributes across 14 categories to be entirely unique by at least three degrees of separation, including their expression, dance, scene, and soundtrack. 

FLUF holders can name their Fluf and give it a backstory which will be displayed across all platforms.

The project is continuously expanding their original musical offerings, and will allow holders to change the theme song for their Fluf.

The project plans to include a breeding function so that users can create Fluflets.

FLUFs will be teaming up with Altered State Machine to allow holders to use their Flufs in a range of different play-to-earn games.



News Feed

FLUF World is introducing Burrows, or premium virtual real estate, to its upcoming Futureverse.

There will be 10,500 total virtual parcels available, which guarantee holders allocation in the project's upcoming Mycelium token sale. 

There are four different types of Burrows: The Den, The Suite, The High Rolla, and The Snoop Dogg.

The Den features a master bedroom, a living room, a screen with a Discord feed, and one land package. It can be seen here.

The Suite features a master bedroom, a living room, a screen with a Discord feed, four land packages, a jacuzzi, and an art gallery. It can be seen here.

The High Rolla features a master bedroom, a living room, a screen with a Discord feed, nine land packages, a jacuzzi, an art gallery, and a private nightclub. It can be seen here.

The Snoop Dogg, which is in collaboration with the famous rapper, features a master bedroom, a living room, a screen with a Discord feed, 16 land packages, a jacuzzi, an art gallery, a private nightclub, and a production studio. It can be seen here.

Every Burrow comes with guest interactivity. Full PC/VR is coming soon.

FLUF World Reveals Virtual Land 'Burrows'

FLUF World announced actor Keanu Reeves will be an adviser to the NFT project’s Futureverse Foundation.

The foundation, which was given $250,000 by FLUF World parent company Non-Fungible Labs, is focusing its efforts on helping underrepresented artists in web3 and building a more inclusive metaverse. The Futureverse whitepaper was released June 16.

Reeves joins his partner, artist Alexandra Grant, as a co-founder and adviser. The foundation has already made a $100,000 donation to Nona Oforiatta Ayim, who is curating the Ghanaian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. 

The 57-year-old actor from the Matrix series previously laughed at the idea of NFTs in an interview with Verge calling the digital assets “easily reproduced.”

Keanu Reeves Joins FLUF-Founded Organization as Adviser

FLUF World announced it has established a partnership with Ripple to "open a world of possibilities" in its expanding metaverse. 

In the partnership, FLUF World will be utilizing the Root Network, blockchain infrastructure created by Ripple. The Root Network implementation is set to provide a seamless smart contracting experience to developers and allow users to easily transfer assets back and forth between blockchains.

At this time, all FLUF World assets and NFTs exist on the Ethererum blockchain. 

The partnership will additionally add utility to the $XRP token, which will become the default gas token for transacting in the Futureverse (FLUF World's Metaverse). 

Ripple has previously partnered with traditional financial institutions to explore possibilities of utilizing its blockchain for settlements and more. At the time of writing, XRP is priced at $0.32 and is the eighth highest market cap cryptocurrency according to CoinGecko. 

XRP is down 19.2 percent in the last week. 

FLUF World Announces Partnership With Ripple

Late last night, FLUF World revealed the whitepaper for its upcoming Futureverse, an open metaverse with an immersive experience and ownership of the assets within it.

"The framework for the open metaverse is in place, are you coming along for the ride?," the team tweeted. "Tag a friend and let them know the best place to start!"

Key components of FLUF World's Futureverse, according to the whitepaper, include:

  • A decentralized blockchain network optimized for user experience and onboarding
  • A decentralized identity protocol and passport for users and assets to form the base data layer for interoperability and applications
  • A decentralized delegation protocol allowing applications to provide layered access to assets, users, and content
  • A decentralized communications, notifications and storage protocol allowing users and applications to communicate with each other between applications
  • A decentralized artificial intelligence protocol enabling applications and avatars to leverage this technology in a community-governed and user-owned way
  • Payment networks and wallets designed to help onboard and connect physical goods
  • And content assets, or a rich set of user-owned digital assets

FLUF World plans on accomplishing this with its Root Network, which runs on Substrate and has Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) support for smart contracts. Its custom runtimes will include a multi-token econony, a decentralized exchange, a decentralized state oracle, and more.

Additionally, FLUF World is creating its Mycelium token economy, which will be the native governance, proof-of-stake, utility, and game economy token for the platform. Vote on important proposals about the direction of the Root Network protocol, keep the network safe and secure with proof-of-stake, and use Mycelium for land and game reward mechanics, breeding, new content purchases, and more.

The total token supply will be 12 billion with 10 percent going to initial community rewards, 15 percent to land mechanics, 10 percent to an ecosystem development fund, 5 percent to bootstrap block rewards, 25 percent to a long-term community treasury, 10 percent to the CENNZnet team, 15 percent to the Futureverse company, 5 percent to early contributors, and 5 percent to advisors.

To read more on FLUF World's Root Network, Mycelium token economy, key functions library, foundation vault, self-sovereign data store, decentralized delegation protocol, decentralized communications system, decentralized artificial intelligence protocol, and more, see the Futureverse whitepaper here.

FLUF World Reveals Futureverse Whitepaper

Today, FLUF World successfully processed the last of its $400,000 donation to the people of Ukraine.

In March, FLUF World dropped "F*ck the War" to aid Ukraine and raised $205,885, which was matched by Non-Fungible Labs to bring the total donation to $411,770.

Part of the funds were donated immediately to the Ukrainian Government's crypto wallet and the Ukraine DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization created to support the country. The rest were later given to well-established and grass-roots non-governmental organizations (NGOs), like Ukraine Red Cross and Ukraine Medical Support (UAMS).

The full list of where the donations were sent is available here.

FLUF World plans on highlighting the charities and organizations they chose to donate to over the next few weeks.

FLUF World Finalizes $400,000 Donation to Ukraine


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