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FLUF Holders Earn Allowlist Spot
Lou Sherman

FLUF World announced a new benefit for its holders, in partnership with Cryptowalkers. FLUF World holders will be added to the allowlist for the upcoming Female Walker mint on December 6.

Cryptowalkers are developing an open-world adventure game called "Walker World" with Unreal Engine 5. Cryoptowalkers recently shared a trailer of its play-to-earn third-person shooter game.

A snapshot of holders will be taken 48 hours prior to the mint, and each wallet will be able to mint 2 Female Walkers. Other NFT projects that will be on the allowlist include ASM Genesis Brains, Seekers, ATEM Car Club Membership, and Drug Receipts. The mint price was not yet announced, but head on over to the Cryptowalkers or FLUF Discord for up to date information as the mint approaches.

FLUF Holders Earn Allowlist Spot
Fluf World Updates Holders in Monthly Newsletter
Staff Writer

Fluf World's monthly newsletter went out to holders, but here's a tl;dr:

  • Project leaders are excited about the ASM partnership with FIFA where users can predict matches for free and win rewards. Sign up for the game here.
  • A trailer for Futureverse is coming and the team is working hard on "Fluflets"
  • Updates on $ROOT token coming soon
  • Party Bears holders can get their 3D models now. Find out how here.
  • Work continues on Gods & Goblins and the next stage will "roll out in the coming months."
Fluf World Updates Holders in Monthly Newsletter
FLUF World Resets Thingies Art Mint Price
Logan Hitchcock

FLUF World has reset the mint price for holders to utilize its Thingies art feature according to a tweet from the project. 

The mint price for each Thingie will return to one moon rock, and double with each successive mint up to 32 moon rocks in total. This move comes just a few weeks after FLUF allowed Thingies to create art without any rest period, after previously requiring them to wait 32 days.

What Are Thingies? What's Going On? 

Thingies are a collection of artistic spiders that make up a separate companion collection on the FLUF World platform. Thingies, which have a floor price of 0.3 ETH, have the ability to help generate AI-produced artwork for FLUF holders. 

However, to build this artwork Thingies must spend moon rocks. Each Thingie NFT was provided an initial supply of moon rocks, but they can also be purchased in the FLUF World store with $ASTO, a FLUF utility token. 

With moon rocks in tow, Thingie holders can head to the FLUF Underworld, connect their wallet, and start painting with their Thingie NFT. 

Need to get your first Thingie? You can buy one on OpenSea

FLUF World Resets Thingies Art Mint Price
FLUF World Adds 'Recently Bought Assets' Filter
Logan Hitchcock

FLUF World announced the release of a new feature for "recently bought assets" on Friday. 

The feature allows users of the FLUF ecosystem to quickly and easily identify all of the assets they own from the FLUF ecosystem while gaining a quick overview of their overall trading activity. 

The feature addition marks the first recorded update since the team allowed holders to add their FLUF NFTs to their burrows in August. 

FLUF World is busy building out its own metaverse concept, the Futuverse. Details on the project's roadmaps can be found in our original reporting. 

FLUF World Adds 'Recently Bought Assets' Filter
FLUF World Update Lets Holders Add Flufs to Their Burrows
Jason Bales

FLUF World's latest app update allows holders to add their Flufs NFTs to their Burrows for the first time, according to a recent tweet by the team.

This update preceeds upcoming PC/VR immersion, full-scale guest interactivity, and Thingies and Party Bear compatibility updates coming in the future.

The Burrows app is currently available in its beta version on both the Google Play store and Apple's App Store. It is required to explore your Burrows NFT with your FLUF World character.

Burrows are virtual real estate in the FLUF World ecosystem, which has been named the Futureverse. Read a recap of the Futureverse whitepaper here. They contain land packages, luxury amentities, and a multi-stage rollout of exciting features, according to the team.

There are currently four types of Burrows: Den, Suite, High Rolla, and Studio Snoop Dogg. Each contains a specific list of luxury amentities and unique features.

To access the Burrows app with your Flufs character, go to under.fluf.world, create a one-time password for your Burrow, connect your digital wallet, sign in with your one-time password, and enjoy.

Or, follow FLUF World's instructions here.

FLUF World: Burrows currently have a floor price of 0.23 ETH. FLUF World, the original 10,000 3D rabbit avatars, have a floor price of 2.09 ETH.

FLUF World Update Lets Holders Add Flufs to Their Burrows
FLUF World Leaks New Buzzies Info
Staff Writer

FLUF World has been leaking new information about its upcoming Buzzies NFTs, or a collection of HNI Pots. The collection can be viewed on OpenSea here.

The newest Buzzies NFT will be made available tomorrow, Jul. 1. There will be 742 total Sporadium HNI Pots. This is the rarest HNI Pot yet, and the workshop notes suggest the new material could be from the remnants of Goblin technology.

"First identified in ancient military armour recovered from an archaeological dig, Sporadium is perplexingly hard-wearing," the description reads. "But where has it come from? The remnants of Goblin technology? Mati’s team have even hypothesised a connection to Party Bears’ historical Greenback military factions, though the answer to this question evades us still. Repurposing the remainder of our supply for the recovery effort was paramount, with high mycelium concentrations successfully infused by these pots with relative ease. Superb!"

This is the fourth of five total reveals. The first three include The Parthonite HNI Pot, The Xoranium HNI Pot, and The Ozide HNI Pot.

There are 5,069 total Parthonite HNI Pots, which were delivered on Jun. 28. According to the workshop notes, Parthonite is common but durable. It was mined during FLUF World's industrial revolution.

There are 3,846 Xoranium HNI Pots. According to the workshop notes, Parthonite was found during a scuba-diving session near a strange rock formation.

There are 2,756 total Ozide HNI Pots, which were delivered on Jun. 30. According to the workshop notes, Ozide was found west of the dunes after it had long been suspected that Goblins mined the last of it aeons ago.

FLUF World Leaks New Buzzies Info


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