FLUF World Updates Thingies Art Generation

FLUF World Updates Thingies Art Generation
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FLUF World added three new updates to its Thingies Art Generation, a tool that allows Thingie holders to create their own AI-generated artworks.

The team added status badges, added a view for each Thingies' artwork, and removed the rest period to art generation.

"We've removed the rest period for Thingies to make generating art more intuitive," Snowball wrote on Discord. "No more waiting 32 days. Now, your Thingie can start creating new masterpieces instantly."

When Thingies get tired, however, they'll require more Moon Rocks for inspiration.

The current art mint is as follows:

  • First mint, 1 Moon Rock
  • Second mint, 2 Moon Rocks
  • Third mint, 4 Moon Rocks
  • Fourth mint, 8 Moon Rocks
  • Fifth mint, 16 Moon Rocks
  • Sixth+ mint, 32 Moon Rocks

FLUF World and FLUF World Egg holders can play around with Thingies Art Generation here.

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