CyberKongz NFTs

CyberKongz NFT Overview

Project Information

CyberKongz is a collection of 8,888 unique, randomly generated 2D avatars created by artist Myoo on the Ethereum blockchain. Two types of Kongz were initially produced: OG Kongz (Genesis) and Baby/Incubator Kongz. The OG Kongz were the first 1,000 to drop, 10 of which are “Legendary” and had a mint price of .01 ETH.

The first avatar project to focus and generative value with a utility token, $BANANA, Cyberkongz genesis holders will produce 10 $BANANA every day for each Kong they hold for the next 10 years. Only the original CyberKongz Genesis collection will generate $BANANA. 

In order to expand the CyberKongz reach in the Metaverse, the project incorporated a breeding platform in conjunction with the $BANANA yield to expand the value of the Genesis Kongz.  Baby Kongz can be produced by breeding two Genesis Kongz, requiring 600 $BANANA to fuel the process. 

CyberKongz also purchased parcels in The Sandbox to create a massive, multi-estate concrete jungle in which they will create gaming and social experiences involving all CyberKongz NFTs as well as the $BANANA utility token. To better support the Metaverse initiative CyberKongz introduced 3D voxel-based avatars, a collection known as CyberKongz VX. The collection is built to be used in online metaverse environments such as The Sandbox.  Cyberkongz VX launched 15,000 playable voxel-based avatars for the metaverse on August 15, 2021.

On Mar. 5, 2022, CyberKongz announced a bridge to Polygon, a crucial step in its process toward its Play & Kollect and Jungle Adventure P2E games. On Mar. 14, 2022, the project launched its much-anticipated play-to-earn game on Polygon.