CyberKongz Begins Ronin Migration

CyberKongz Begins Ronin Migration
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CyberKongz is officially integrating with Ronin, enabling asset migration for an enhanced gaming experience. 

The Deets

  • Bridged Assets: VXs, Genkai, and $BANANA need to be manually migrated.
  • Airdropped Assets: Loot Capsules and Gear automatically delivered to Ronin wallets.
  • Remaining on Polygon: Certain items like Banana Bunches and vouchers.
  • Important Note: Assets must be bridged one at a time. 

The Bulk

CyberKongz announced details of its migration process to Ronin Network, aiming to streamline the gaming and collection experience for its users. This transition involves both Bridged and Airdropped Assets, allowing for a seamless transfer of VXs, Genkai, and $BANANA, alongside automatic delivery of Loot Capsules and Gear for the Play & Kollect series.

Users are required to manually bridge certain assets, with a detailed guide provided to facilitate this process. Meanwhile, items such as Banana Bunches and various vouchers will remain on the Polygon network. 

The migration is phased, starting with the opening of the bridge, followed by the availability of $BANANA on Katana, collection of Ronin addresses for the airdrop, freezing of Polygon assets, and ultimately the airdrop of Play & Kollect assets on Ronin. This strategic migration underscores CyberKongz's commitment to enhancing its ecosystem and providing a more integrated experience for its users.

🎬 Take Action

To participate in this migration, visit the CyberKongz bridge page.

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